IACG Report Social Toolkit

In response to the growing AMR crisis, the UN Interagency Coordination Group on Antimicrobial Resistance (IACG) – which was created following the UN High-Level Meeting on AMR in 2016 – released its seminal report with recommendations on how to curb the spread of AMR.

If you’re interested in sharing this news with your network and joining the call for increased action, below we have proposed language for social media posts underscoring the link between AMR and poor-quality medicines. For additional posts, please see the IACG Report toolkit.

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  • Poor-quality meds have been shown to accelerate the threat of antimicrobial resistance (#AMR), a growing global crisis. Excited to see quality assurance mentioned as a solution in @UN #IACG’s report & agree we need #MedsWeCanTrust to combat AMR.

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  • With “equitable and affordable access to existing and new quality-assured antimicrobials,” we can curb the spread of #AMR. We commend @UN #IACG’s new recommendations to tackle this growing global crisis. https://bit.ly/2GSpn3u

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  • Echoing the recommendations from the #IACG report on #AMR, Dr. Anthony So @reactgroup calls for govts to commit to curbing the spread of antibiotic resistance. We need #MedsWeCanTrust to ensure a future “free from the fear of untreatable infections.” http://bit.ly/IACGreport

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