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Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of the Campaign


We believe in a world where safe, quality medicines are guaranteed. Proud to support the #MedsWeCanTrust campaign. Join us and the +250 others at

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It's right

Everyone should have access to medicines they can trust. But at least 1/10 meds in #LMICS are poor-quality and could jeopardize patients’ health. Let's call for #MedsWeCanTrust.

Medicines aren’t medicines unless they work. But at least 1/10 medicines in #LMICS are poor-quality, ranging from ineffective to dangerous. We need #MedsWeCanTrust.

When you’re sick, the last thing you should worry about is your medicine’s quality. People should have the safe, quality meds they need & deserve #MedsWeCanTrust 

Everyone gets sick. Only some can access medicines. Even fewer can access medicines that work. Supporting the human right to health means investing in #MedsWeCanTrust.

Medicines that don’t work give false hope to patients & families in need. This is unacceptable. Let’s stand together for #MedsWeCanTrust #HealthForAll

It's Smart

Left unchecked, poor-quality medicines reverse progress on infectious diseases & #NCDs, erode trust in #healthsystems & increase threat of #AMR. By speaking up for #MedsWeCanTrust, we keep health progress moving forward. 

To tackle today's biggest #globalhealth challenges & achieve #HealthForAll, we must guarantee safe, quality medicines in every country. #MedsWeCanTrust

When we invest in safe, quality medicines, we avoid wasting precious time & resources delivering meds that fail. Ensuring #MedsWeCanTrust is not just right - it’s common sense. 

Globally, substandard & falsified medicines account for at least US $30.5 billion in wasted health spending, diverting resources away from people who need them most. We must ↑ investments in #MedsWeCanTrust


Poor-quality medicines create a vicious cycle that speeds up the rate of #AMR. Let's work together to prevent, detect & respond to this threat and #StopSuperbugs. #MedsWeCanTrust

If medicines contain the wrong ingredients or too little of the right ones, they can harm patients & accelerate one of today’s most urgent health crises: #AMR. We need #MedsWeCanTrust.

Poor-quality medicines anywhere are a threat to health progress everywhere. We’re calling on leaders to increase investments in #MedsWeCanTrust

In times of calm & crisis, we need medicines to do their job. Yet at least 1/10 medicines in #LMICs is poor-quality. This is a gamble the world can’t afford. We need #MedsWeCanTrust. 

Universal Health Coverage & Access to Medicines

No family should have to sacrifice basic needs to pay for health care, only to receive poor-quality medicines that could jeopardize their health. This is an injustice that strong #healthsystems can fix. #MedsWeCanTrust #HealthForAll 

When people are left behind by the health system, they may seek medicines where quality isn’t guaranteed. We need strong #primaryhealthcare that brings everyone the trusted medicines they need & deserve. #HealthforAll #MedsWeCanTrust

From #vaccinators to #midwives, #HealthWorkers are leading the hard work of bringing health care to all. Poor-quality medicines undermine these efforts and endanger hard-earned trust in the communities they serve. #MedsWeCanTrust

When we talk about access to medicines, we mean quality medicines. It’s time we make the distinction loud & clear. #MedsWeCanTrust #Access2Meds


When people are sick with #malaria, the last thing they should worry about is their medicine. But every year up to 116,000 people in sub-Saharan Africa die from poor-quality antimalarials. This must change. #MedsWeCanTrust

Treating #malaria with poor-quality medicines is like sleeping under a bed net full of holes: it won’t work. To #EndMalaria, we need #MedsWeCanTrust.

Non-Communicable Diseases

Medicines that don’t work are a broken promise to individuals suffering from #NCDs including #cancer, #diabetes or #mentalillness. The good news? We know what it takes to ensure safe, quality medicines for all. Now, we must act. #MedsWeCanTrust

For chronic diseases that require ongoing treatment, health systems must consistently deliver safe, quality medicines to every patient in need. We can #BeatNCDs with #MedsWeCanTrust


For people who must walk for hours & wait in long lines for #HIV treatment, the least we can do is ensure their medicine will work. Let’s stand together for #MedsWeCanTrust

People living with #HIV need quality treatment throughout their lifetime. It’s time to reach every person, everywhere, with #MedsWeCanTrust. 

Maternal Health

Childbirth should be the start, not the end of life. To prevent post-partum hemorrhage – the leading cause of maternal mortality – every mother should have access to #MedsWeCanTrust

Every mother dreams of a safe delivery. Inexpensive drugs can reduce her risk of dying during childbirth, but too many women in #LMICs still lack access to safe, quality treatment. Join us in calling for #MedsWeCanTrust

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